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I'm Kathryn Beheshti, I started going by Kat when I was 7 years old playing softball on a team with two Kathryns and it stuck. Simple story. So I'm Kat and I'm a scientist. I'm also a daughter, a sister and a wicked softball player. Or at least I was back in my prime at 13 years old.

I was inspired to start justsloughit.com by Mike Gil and his non-profit organization SciAll.org. Mike Gil is a National Science Foundation (USA) Postdoctoral Research Fellow (University of California, Davis) and a TED Fellow. He started SciAll.org to provide...

"a diverse public audience a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the process of science, including its motivations and the opportunities it offers to individuals and humankind."-SciAll.org

pretty rad!

 And so, justsloughit.com began. 

justsloughit.com is dedicated to...

a) highlighting how fun and unpredictable science can be,

b) share my experiences as a woman in science


c) to make my research, advice and experiences accessible to anyone with a wifi connection (or data if you're ballin').  

A little bit about me, Kat the greatest 13 year old short-stop suburbia had seen? I've made a career switch from my middle school days and am now working on my PhD at UC Santa Cruz where I am researching the drivers of salt marsh loss and the ecosystem functions of seagrass beds in Elkhorn Slough (hence, "just slough it") . Not as riveting of a tag line as short-stop superstar? You just wait, being a scientist is just as awesome!

My hope is for this website to be used as a resource for everyone. My intention is for anyone interested in...

  • Our coastlines

  • Estuaries

  • California

  • Fishing

  • Hunting

  • Wildlife

  • Outdoor recreation

  • SCUBA diving

  • Travel

  • Elkhorn Slough


  • Science

will be able to get the information/entertainment/interaction they are seeking by visiting justsloughit.com.


Salt Marshes

One of the most productive ecoystems in the world. influenced by regular tidal inundation, salt marshes are dominated by halophytes (salt-loving plants). They serve as the true representation of the land-sea interface supporting both terrestrial, aquatic and marine life.

IMG_5184 3.JPG

Seagrass beds

Seagrasses like the species pictured here (Zostera marina, or eelgrass) are aquatic angiosperms, meaning they are flowering plants. Seagrass beds provide nursery habitat for many commercially and recreationally harvested species, from Dungeness crab to leopard sharks.


Elkhorn Slough is an estuary located in Monterey Bay, CA. What makes Elkhorn Slough so unique are the 100+ Southern Sea Otters that can be spotted in the tidal creeks and seagrass beds of "the slough".






the slough view



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*Indicates Undergraduate Student Researcher, #Indicates Citizen Scientist. 


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*Indicates Undergraduate Student Researcher


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